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Entertaining and challenging educational boardgame.


TOgether with opschudders i made equilibrium for ns (dutch railways). equilibrium is a recruitment game for the ns finance department. In the game players experience in an hour what the essence ánd spread of ns finance is.

The players are either playing individually, or in teams of 2. Each team is given the responsibility over one of the four regions. This entails getting a high customer satisfaction, while also maintaining profitability. The endgoals is to reach a certain amount of ROI and customer satisfaction after each year.

Each turn, a team collects the money from their previous investments and decides which new investment will be made. The players may also decide to invest in Utrecht Central Station. Doing so provides benefits for áll players.

The game lures players in certain and separate directions with one-shot bonuses that can be rewarded after achieving certain predetermined goals.

Equilibrium provides the players with that classic board-game experience, while still being educational enough to provide the necessary learnings.

Can be played with 4 to 8 people.