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NS - Hyper Spits

A challenging serious game for IT trainees at Nederlandse Spoorwegen.


TOgether with opschudders and protoproto i made hyperspits for ns (dutch railways). 

hyper spits is designed to give the players an insight into the IT-traineeship at NS. It is primarily used as a recruitment tool.

In the game, the players are given a test-track, on which a train departs on certain intervals. This train transports a virtual set of passengers, consisting of three different target groups. Their challenge is to transport as many people as possible, with an as high as possible satisfaction, while spending as little as possible.

In the 3 sprints the team goes through, they have to decide which of the IT-solutions they will implement, and write basic code for its activation and de-activation. They will have to analyse their historic ánd realtime data to make relevant and succesful decisions.

The game is fit for 5 to 10 players, and offers an hour of gameplay. Of course, you can play the game over and over again, and it will be challenging every time.